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08 Apr 2024

Patrick Jouin at the Salone del Mobile 2024

Patrick Jouin is honored to be the French special guest at the 2024 edition of the Salone del Mobile, and will present with Pedrali and Porada the studio's latest creations.
"There have been various pivotal moments in my journey through the world of design, but my first visit to the Salone del Mobile in Milan stands out as an experience that shaped my whole vision of that place where technique, form and function merge with a cultural, symbolic and artistic dimension. My earlier approach had been full of reserve and discretion, but the buzz of the Salone resolved me to be braver in expressing not only my designs, but also my own personality, thus marking the beginning of a liberation.

In 1998, I set up my 8 square metres in the SaloneSatellite with lino flooring, a rug and two chairs. Bearing my own name, it represented so much more than just an exhibition stand, it was the expression of my passion. Those pieces crafted in the privacy of my workshop were now on show for the world to see in a move riddled with vulnerability, and my greatest fear was to be met with indifference or outright criticism. Yet my work was greeted with a warmth and encouragement that went far beyond my expectations. An extraordinary positive energy permeated the exhibition, conducted by the presence of prestigious publications such as Abitare, Domus and Interni, and journalists eager to discover a new generation of ideas. They were not alone in lending their support. The great masters of the time, of all time, such as Mendini, Castiglioni, Branzi, Magistreti and many others, came to meet us.

That experience summarizes for me the essence of the Salone del Mobile: a haven of innovation where designers, manufacturers and design enthusiasts gather together to share ideas and celebrate beauty in all its many forms. As designers, our ambition is to contribute to the evolution of design, creating pieces that figure in a story that is being constantly rewritten. This widely shared ambition finds its home at the Salone, our international stage.

I am deeply honoured to be the special guest for this 62nd edition, which also marks the 20th anniversary of Patrick Jouin iD, and am bursting with excitement to be once again joining the buzz of creativity. The Salone is so much more than just an exhibition – it is the beating heart of design."
Patrick Jouin
April 16, 18:30 - 20:00, Triennale Milano

Round table "A CELEBRATION BY FORMER SALONESATELLITE DESIGNERS" April 18, 15:00 - 16:00, SaloneSatellite Arena – Pav. 7, Fiera Milano, Rho


Fiera Milano, Rho, Hall 14, A23 - B24
Ester Lounge, Héra Soft & Héra Straw 

Fiera Milano, Rho, Hall 9 A03 B02
Oswood & Osmose