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Industrial Design


thinking through drawing

The Patrick Jouin iD studio, which I founded 25 years ago, is dedicated to industrial design in its broadest sense.

Our aim is to bring people and design together through use. Thinking through design - for the home, for that lunch in the restaurant, for the seat on that subway platform, for the light we see on the city cabs, the light that illuminates the table at our family meals.

Without ever limiting ourselves to an aesthetic, we design each piece by creating its everyday use, and for everyone's everyday life.

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One-to-one with Patrick Jouin


Urban Design

Our first foray into the public space dates back to 2007, with the Vélib' and associated street furniture. 
Since then, the studio's involvement in this sector has grown exponentially, as public space represents a total field of reflection and action, enabling us to transform our relationship with the community.
We are convinced that design and architecture can embellish everyday life. It's about politics - in the noblest sense of the word - because you can influence space with the stroke of a pen. This is what drives us in projects such as Vélib, the RATP charter, Montparnasse station and the Grand Paris Express. It's rewarding to have the opportunity to bring such large-scale projects to fruition, because today we need to intervene in cities and schools, as well as in hospitals and airports, places where moments are extreme and polarizing, but always charged with emotion.

Industrial design

"Designing objects is a passion that has never left me. Furniture and lighting design, with its strong emphasis on drawing, also involves thinking about comfort and use, gesture design and the relationship with the body. Creating objects that we look at, touch and use is a matter of striking the right balance between the search for form and the quality of use that will be generated." Patrick Jouin

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