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The Grand Paris Express

Société des Grands Projets
The requirements defined in the specifications for the Grand Paris Express reflect the scale of the infrastructure project: an expanding metro network of 220 km, doubling the length of the existing network, and the creation of more than sixty new stations. These stations will be operational between 2024 and 2030, bringing the Grand Paris Express into a new era with four new metro lines: lines 15, 16, 17 and 18. This colossal project symbolizes the transition from a model of radial lines, linking the heart of the capital to the Paris region, to a metropolitan network extending beyond the ring road. This connects the different towns and districts of Greater Paris, encouraging a multi-centric development of the metropolis, making decentralized traffic possible.
L'atelier Intégral Designers and Patrick Jouin were asked to lead these cross-disciplinary design missions. They were able to integrate their expertise into the sixty architectural projects for the various stations of the Grand Paris Express. This fruitful collaboration with the project owner, Société du Grand Paris, was based on clearly defined common objectives, resulting in a highly relevant project.

Installation, Orly Airport Station

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Additional information

Design of equipment, furnishings and information media for stations in the Greater Paris public transport network.

Surface area, m²:
Construction of 200km of metro line in Paris region

3,000,000 passengers per day on the 4 lines 

Companies involved in the project:
- BEGC: Structural and mechanical design office 
- Eco + Construire: Economist 
- Coup d'Eclat: Lighting designer


Grand Paris Express - Patrick Jouin, Société du Grand Paris © Patrick Jouin