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The Grand Paris Express

Société du Grand Paris
Entrusted with the design of equipment, furniture and information media for the stations in the Grand Paris public transport network, Patrick Jouin ID's aim was to create a common language for all the stations in terms of furniture, while leaving each one its individuality. The design of the objects, from the signpost to the reception area to the bicycle shelter, asserts a personality, an identity. It must be able to express the network, instill a sense of community, and thus fit into the multiple architectures that make up the richness of the Grand Paris Express project.

As such, the work methodology is entirely focused on the users of public space, their perception of the environment and the soothing of their senses within an ecosystem of continuous flow. The aim is to create a common thread between the different station types, so that users understand that they are part of a whole, just like each station of the Grand Paris Express stations.

Installation, Orly Airport Station

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Additional information

Design of equipment, furnishings and information media for stations in the Greater Paris public transport network.

Surface area, m²:
Construction of 200km of metro line in Paris region

3,000,000 passengers per day on the 4 lines 

Companies involved in the project:
- BEGC: Structural and mechanical design office 
- Eco + Construire: Economist 
- Coup d'Eclat: Lighting designer


Grand Paris Express - Patrick Jouin, Société du Grand Paris © Patrick Jouin