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Tram T01

Alstom for Île-de-France Mobilités
The route taken by the tramway crosses diverse and evolving territories. The extension project of the T1 line to the east and west will allow users to travel 10 km across the departments of Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne. This extension project, no matter how significant, goes beyond being just a mode of transportation. The momentum generated by the 2024 Olympic Games provides an opportunity to requalify public spaces. They then become the foundation for enhancing a new way of life, a pivotal axis in the development of the Greater Paris area.

These urban developments are intended to enhance the experience and provoke contemplation about the evolving identity of Greater Paris. Building a sustainable city involves the necessity of caring for the users and thereby revealing the richness of the territory and its inhabitants. Innovation in this field can only occur through collaborative work involving all network stakeholders.

The mirror of Grand Paris

The T1 was the first tangible element of the extensive public transportation project of Greater Paris. Its infrastructure created a strong link between diverse territories, essentially stitching together the fabric of the region. Its silence, mass, transparency, and efficiency made it a significant identifying element of the area. Since its inception, it has sustained continuous success and serves as the seed for new lines and routes.

Its extension heralds a new era for this environmentally friendly transportation system. The tramway is neither a high-speed train nor an alternative to cars or buses. It embodies a distinct essence, that of quiet efficiency. It represents progress and the public good.
Surpassing other vehicles in size on the roads, its controlled powerful movement is a perpetual event. Its front, like a vast elliptical mirror, reflects the surroundings. As if blending into the landscape, the T1 reveals and transforms the environment. This ellipse is emphasized by a ring of light highlighted in IDFM blue, a pure geometric shape that has become the recognizable symbol of the transportation service.

The rear of the vehicle changes color to red, affirming the T1's presence for safety reasons and as a sign of public transport. The sides display the IDFM livery, symbolizing the entire transportation system of Île-de-France. The blue, white, and silver stripes endlessly encircle the vehicle to express the fluidity of transportation.

An enhanced station

Le développement du réseau de transport joue un rôle central dans la construction d'une métropole durable. Ce réseau, composé de stations, gares et abris de bus, forme un maillage crucial pour faciliter les déplacements sur de courtes ou longues distances de manière fluide et simple.
Les stations de tramway, à l'échelle des communes et quartiers, facilitent la connexion entre les ressources locales et les habitants. Notre concept de station augmentée vise à favoriser l'interconnexion entre services et commerces, devenant ainsi un point central où les usagers trouvent leurs besoins quotidiens à l'échelle locale.

Chaque station a un design unique, devenant un repère, tout comme les aménagements spécifiques à proximité. La ligne de tramway relie ces stations et met en valeur les multiples identités d'un territoire, favorisant les échanges et renforçant leur caractère distinctif.

A soothing, comfortable and durable interior design, open to the surrounding area

The interior has been specifically designed to enhance passenger comfort, with particular attention to its durability and ease of maintenance. The large windows provide passengers with an open view of the urban environment. The use of colors and natural light creates a soothing atmosphere during the journey. The access areas are spacious and well-lit, marked by clear visual elements and a dynamic lighting system that activates when the doors open.

The tram interior evokes clarity and depth. Emphasizing the white handrails, the focus is on the space's fluidity through a specific ceiling design. A unique graphic, blending colors and shapes, adds a dynamic visual dimension, especially with mirrored surfaces creating perpetual movement. Information screens add an extra dynamic to the whole setup.

Reflections on the walls enhance the sense of unity. The gray PVC floor visually follows the continuity of the ceiling in the direction of travel. The seats provide both individual and collective comfort. Foldable headrests enhance comfort, while USB ports are regularly placed on the armrests.

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Design project proposed in 2022 as part of the design of the new T1 streetcars.