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14 Jun 2019

Competition for the Grand Paris-Nord University Hospital

Competition for the Assistance publique - Architecturestudio, Artelia
For this project, the design of the interior space ensures the functionality, efficiency and coherence of the project, but it also carries a sensitive element directly linked to the human aspect. That's why the spatial quality of volumes and their materiality play a key role in the perception of well-being for patients and caregivers alike. Simple, flowing, ergonomic, smooth lines with gentle, pleasant curves and materials selected for their properties - durability, solidity, ease of maintenance - are in keeping with the compositions, aspects and textures and the spirit of the project.
Waiting and breakout areas are designed to be warm, inviting, intimate and soothing. The room's design promotes the patient's perception of a place of his or her own, distinct from the medical space, and offers a soothing space conducive to remission.
The consortium, comprising Architecturestudio, Artelia and Patrick Jouin iD, focused on the essence of the project, which is strongly expressed in the attention paid to efficiency and simplicity, but also in the ambition to take care of the quality of the interior architecture, details and design, whether they are accessible to the public or reserved for the care teams and technicians in charge of the smooth running of this treatment machine. Hospitality is the most important factor in the appeal of a state-of-the-art hospital. The project aims to strike the right balance between a reassuring, sober, functional environment and a highly technical, high-performance building.