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Iléo Concept

"We all have in mind the image of the service station we saw in every village when we were children, but little by little they disappeared, to be bigger and more on the freeway. Here, with Iléo Concept, we've seized the opportunity to reinvent the service, in the very place where people come to recharge, while retaining this iconic station. There are multiple opportunities to use our time during this recharge. When a brand talks about travel and mobility, it's no longer just about a vehicle, but also about the services and ecosystem that go with it. Patrick Jouin

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The charging station is made up of independent modules: 
- a fast charging station (DC 22 kW) for electric vehicles
- a micro-mobility station equipped with an attachment rack for bicycles or electric scooters with standard sockets
- a living area with seating, table and screen support


Iléo Concept - Patrick Jouin, Mobilize © Patrick Jouin