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05 Jun 2024

Patrick Jouin iD, designing our daily lives

Our studio subtly integrates design into everyday life, putting people at the heart of our approach to making public spaces more functional and enjoyable, enriching individual and collective experiences. Here, we present some of our latest projects.



Within the Saudi government's Vision 2030 plan, AlUla stands out amongst several projects designed to enrich the Kingdom's culture and tourism. This large scale project plans the creation of a vast archaeological, cultural, and tourist complex the size of Belgium, with the aim of making AlUla the cultural capital of the Kingdom by showcasing its rich heritage, including millennia-old archaeological sites and exceptional landscapes, with the intention of making its mark on Saudi Arabia's history.

The AlUla project celebrates the successful collaboration between France and Saudi Arabia, guided by a strong ambition for sustainable development. Crucial milestones have been reached in all aspects of the project, aimed at making this region, rich in heritage, a major cultural capital of the Kingdom and a world renowned tourist destination.
AlUla's transport service offers passengers an immersive experience, transporting them through space on board a bespoke tramway conceived by Alstom, designed by Étienne Tricaud and Patrick Jouin iD.

The streetcar, with its lightweight and durable design, draws its inspiration from Hijaz's historic railway heritage. It evokes a silhouette that seems to float gracefully on the landscape, rich in history yet eminently contemporary. The delicate curves of its outer shell, in harmony with the premise of the tramway, weave a symbiosis with the modernity of the rolling stock, while creating a striking contrast with the arid landscape that surrounds it.

Our studio's main objective was the preservation of this environment, allowing it to radiate in all its raw splendor. The tracks, laid discreetly on the ground, trace the 22-kilometer path through the 17 stations that make up AlUla. Powered by electric energy, this tramway offers both visitors and residents of AlUla a new means of transport, emitting virtually no noise, chemical, or visual pollution. In this way, it becomes a living testimony to the harmonious cohabitation of modern progress and respectful preservation of nature.



Fifteen years after the installation of the first public restrooms designed by Patrick Jouin iD and created by JCDecaux in Paris, we propose a modernization of their design and aesthetics. We present a new restroom with timeless, softened lines, ensuring its harmonious integration into the architectural and urban landscape of Paris, while contributing to the new Parisian aesthetic

Parisian urban furniture is characterized by a solid base, echoing the history of the bandstands, Morris columns, and Haussmannian lampposts. We have integrated a curved roof that covers and protects the entrance to the restrooms and urinals, becoming a fifth facade that evokes the silhouette of Parisian rooftops and newsstands with their rounded shapes. From the first restroom, we have retained the contrast between the exterior surface and the entrance doors, making them highly visible and intuitive for users, with a fluted effect reminiscent of the cast iron posts of the elevated metro.

"Innovation primarily rests on the addition of an extra urinal, featuring a large handle usable with the elbow for hygiene purposes, and the integration of new functionalities: accessible restrooms for people with reduced mobility (PRM), a fountain (with hand-washing facilities and soap), and a hand sanitizer dispenser placed outside to be accessible to pedestrians, thus transforming the restrooms into true hygiene points." 
- Patrick Jouin



The Grand Paris Express is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, aiming to profoundly transform the urban landscape of the Paris region. Patrick Jouin iD, along with his team, has been entrusted with the design of 68 stations, a monumental task that showcases the scale and ambition of this project.

Entrusted with the design of equipment, furniture, and information media for the stations in the Grand Paris public transport network, Patrick Jouin iD's goal was to create a common language for all the stations in terms of furniture, while allowing each one to maintain its individuality. The design of the objects, from the signposts to the reception areas and bicycle shelters, asserts a unique personality and identity. It must be able to express the network, instill a sense of community, and seamlessly integrate into the diverse architectures that make up the richness of the Grand Paris Express project.

As such, the work methodology is entirely focused on the users of public space, their perception of the environment and the soothing of their senses within an ecosystem of continuous flow. The aim is to create a common thread between the different station types, so that users understand that they are part of a whole, just like each station of the Grand Paris Express stations.