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Héra & Héra Straw


Flowing shapes

Wood, the raw material preciously bequeathed each day by nature, has inspired Hera, Patrick Jouin's new creation for Pedrali.
In order to respect and magnify the material, the designer has chosen to preserve it, to be as precise as possible in its use, to purify its design in order to economize on it, while giving it an extremely fluid and refined form. Available in ash or American walnut, this armchair embodies the concept of lightness and comfort: the backrest, in three-dimensional 6 mm thick 3D multipli, is remarkably elegant and ergonomic in design, while the polyurethane foam-upholstered seat and elastic belts provide great comfort.

The wooden components of the Héra ash version are FSC-certified, and finished with water-based organic paints.
The use of raw materials from certified forests, water-based paints and plant-based resins is a guarantee of the company's commitment to sustainable development.

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Additional information

Héra (2019)
Ash or American walnut, 3D multipli, fabric or leather
- Height 74 cm
- Seat height 47 cm
- Depth 46 cm
- Width 58 cm

Héra Straw (2024)
- solid ash or American walnut, 3d 6 mm plywood, cellulose rope

- Height 74,5 cm
- Seat height 44,5 cm
- Depth 48,5 cm
- Width 58,5 cm


Héra & Héra Straw - Pedrali - Patrick Jouin iD © Pedrali - Ottavio Tomasini - Andrea Garuti