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Osmose & Oswood

By going beyond function and form, the tabletop becomes the frame of a painting in which substance is exposed. Playing on the union of these two materials, the roles are reversed, OSMOSE revealing at its center the natural pattern of the marble legs interlocking with the wood, or conversely, allowing the wood grain to be exposed in turn within the marble top.
Designed to be much more than mere supports, the table's five legs are seen as an aesthetic opportunity. Like Dreamstones, the heart of the material is revealed, leaving the eye free to guess figures and representations through the natural contrast of marbling.

A circular variation

“In this boldly upside-down approach to Osmose, Oswood forms a veritable forest of wood pieces, rising majestically to delicately support a mineral slice. Materials are revealed at their most authentic. Wood and marble reveal themselves sensuously to our gaze, to be better felt by the touch of our hands.” Patrick Jouin
The Oswood table is a natural continuation of Osmose.
Conceptually and technically, Oswood shares the genesis of the Osmose table, celebrating the meeting of two materials, marble and wood, but reversing their roles: in Oswood, the top is made of marble while wood is used to create the legs.

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Materials :
- Walnut
- Grey Carnico or white Carrara marble

Dimensions :
- Various sizes


Osmose - Patrick Jouin for Porada © Porada
Oswood - Patrick Jouin for Porada © Porada
Osmose - Patrick Jouin pour Porada © Stephan Julliard


  • Best Dining Table by Interior Design, 2023
    Design awards by Archirproducts, 2023
    Best desk & dining table by FD100, 2024