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  • Urban furniture

Vélib' and Urban advertising panels

JCDecaux 2009-2019

1,400 docking stations hold over 20,000 bicycles for public use. Each station consists of an information point and around 10 attachment posts in cast steel, incorporating a bicycle locking system and a swipe card RFID reader. The clear identity of these docking stations, found every 350m throughout Paris, ensures their easy identification within the city.

In collaboration with Vélib', the city advertising panels consists of scrolling backlit posters, 2m2 or 8m2, displaying advertising on one side and municipal information on the other.


size :
- terminal : 208 x 59 x 28.5cm
- attachment point : 69 x 37 x 31cm
materials : cast aluminium Ft25 in mouse gray, cast steel in mouse gray, stainless steel elephant skin, steel
photos : Thomas Duval